RP EBUS as a guide for transbronchial pulmonary biopsy in the diagnosis of organizing pneumonia


Diffuse parenchymal lung diseases (DPLDs) include a wide variety of manifestations characterized by different degrees of inflammation and fibrosis with various patterns of secondary lobule alterations, such that the diagnosis often requires histopathological confirmation in addition to clinical and radiological data. Radial probe endobronchial ultrasonography (RP EBUS) can be used as a guide for transbronchial pulmonary biopsy (TBPB) to obtain tissue samples, and thus can be a useful tool in the diagnostic management of peripheral pulmonary lesions. Organizing pneumonia (OP) is a particular type of DPLD characterized by lung inflammation and scarring that obstruct the small airways and air sacs of the lung.  In this study, we describe how and when RP EBUS can be used to guide TBPB and significantly help in the diagnosis of OP.



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Flexible bronchoscopy, organizing pneumonia, radial probe endobronchial ultrasonography, transbronchial pulmonary biopsy
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